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Công ty cổ phần May 9


Address: 215 Hangthao Street, Namdinh City, Vietnam
Tel.: (84.350) 3845752   -   Fax: (84.350) 3843063



Factory Profile

MAY 9 JOINT STOCK COMPANY (MAY 9) was founded in 1996. It was belonged to Nhabe Garment Im-export Company (HoChiMinh City) formerly, changed to Joint stock company beginning 2003 year.
With a workforce of approximately 750 knowledgeably skillful workers in 03 workshops and 850 equipments / machines made in Japan.
Our main products are high-class items such as: jacket, pants, skirt ... which is exported to EU, U.S. market with a capacity of 1,800,000 pants equivalent.
We are willing to enter into joint venture, business cooperation with others in a framework for corperatative production development and mutually beneficial business.

General Information
No Identifycation Details
1 Company address May 9 Joint Stock Company (MAY 9)
215 Hangthao street, Namdinh City, Vietnam
Tel.:(84-350)3845752/3848616   Fax: (84-350)3843063
2 Nearest port of loading Haiphong Seaport & Noibai Airport
3 Distance to nearest port of loading Time: Seaport 120 minutes / Airport 160 minutes
Kms: Seaport 100 kms / Airport 130 km
4 Date of foundation March 18th, 1996
5 Annual turnover 2014: USD 4.000 milions (CM)
2013: USD 2.299 milions (CM)
2012: USD 1.886 milions (CM)
6 Legal status Joint stock company
7 Capital USD 800,000
8 Main shareholders 30% Nhabeco own
70% Private own
9 Branch / Representative office Ninh Cuong Garment Factory – Tan Ninh Village, Truc Phu Ward, Truc Ninh District, Nam Dinh Province.
10 Banker
  1. Vietinbank
Beneficiary Bank: Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and  Trade (Vietinbank) – Nam Dinh branch, Viet Nam.
Address: 119 Quang Trung Street,  Nam Dinh City, Viet Nam.
Account USD No:  10202.00000.41819
Account VND no:  10201.00003.62984
Swift code: ICBVVNVX380
  1. Vietcombank
Beneficiary Bank:   Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) - Nam Dinh branch, Viet Nam.
Address: 91 Quang Trung Street,  Nam Dinh City, Viet Nam.
Account:         USD No:  0831 375 686868
VND No: 0831 002 686868
Swift code: BFTVVNVX083
11 Contact person General Director:          Mr. Vu Quoc Huy

Factory Description
Company has 04 buildings, 01 building for warehouse, technical, cutting and, 02 buildings for 02 workshops and the other ones for management sections. Another 32,000 square meters inside the city is space for investment.
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xuong may 9
xuong ninh cuong 1
cat ning cuong
xuong ninh cuong 0
Factory size (sq meters) Production area Storage Finishing Canteen Office area Space ground
  3,500 1,200 700 0 250 1,200
Capacity/day 3,600 Pants  or 1,100 Jackets, 1,600 Vest
Capacity/month Items Quantity (pcs)
(If all changed into one item) Jacket 30,000 ~ 35,000
  Pants 95,000 ~ 100,000
  Vest 40,000 ~ 45,000

Department (Position) Number of Employees
Merchandising, Import-export & Planning staff 12
Technical staff 14
Sampling, Designing, Pattern Making staff 15
QA- Raw material inspection QC 2
QA- Inline Inspection QC 42
QA – Final Inspection QC 9
Cutting room 46
Sewing section 450
Finishing 35
Mechanical 8
Others (workshop management, medical staff, services others staff) 40
Equipment Details
Type of Machine Quantity Brand name / Original Country
Fushing machine 3 Japan, Taiwan
Seam sealing machine 4 Korea
Straight Cutting machine 9 U.S, Japan
Band cutting machine 5 Vietnam
Single needle 532 Japan
Double needle 88 Japan
Snap 17 Vietnam
Straight Hole Button 5 Japan
Round Hole Button 5 Japan
Sewing Button 9 Japan
Zikzak 2 Japan
Bar-tack 17 Japan
Overlook 55 Japan
Steam Iron 38 Japan
Fabric checking 1 Vietnam
Kansai machine 5 Japan
Ninh Cuong factory covers an area of ​​2.3 ha located 23km from May 9, including 2 workshops, warehouse, technical, cutting, finishing with the expectation of 1500 employees.
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xuong ninh cuong 2
kho thanh pham 1


Ninh Cuong Factory Information
No Identifycation Details
1 Factory address Ninh Cuong Garment Factory – Tan Ninh Village, Truc Phu Ward, Truc Ninh District, Nam Dinh Province.
2 Nearest port of loading Haiphong Seaport & Noibai Airport
3 Distance to May 9 headquarter Time: 40 minutes
Kms: 23 kms
4 Workshop Workshop 1 with warehouse, technical, cutting: 10 Sewing section x 55 Employees.
Workshop 2 with warehouse, technical, cutting: 10 Sewing section x 55 Employees.
5 Other Employment Merchandising, Import-export & Planning staff, Technical staff, Sampling, Designing, Pattern Making staff, QA, Cutting room, Finishing, Mechanical, workshop management, medical staff, services others staff: 250 Employees
Capacity/day 9,000 pants  or 3,000 Jackets, 4,000 Vest
Capacity/month Items Quantity (pcs)
(If all changed into one item) Jacket 85,000 ~ 95,000
  Pants 250,000 ~ 280,000
  Vest 100,000 ~ 125,000

Equipment Details
Type of Machine Quantity Original Country
JINFA JF9900-D3 Direct Drive Lockstitch Machine 320 China
JINFA 188F High speed Side Cutter Lockstitch Sewing Machine 20 China
BROTHER 845-5A Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine 54 China
PEGASUS M800-5 Overlock Machine 50 China
HUIBAO HB 2010 Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine 5 China
HUIBAO HB 9820-01 Eyelet Electrical Button Holding Sewing Machine 5 China
JUKI 1377 Button Attaching Machine 5 China
SHENJIANG SJ 1300AA-6 Ironing Table Complete set 32 China
JUKI 1900ASS Electronic High speed Bar Tacking Machine 2 China
JUKI 1850 Bar Tacking Sewing Machine 8 China
HASHIMA HP900LFS Fusing Press Machine 3 China
JUKI 781-D3 Button Holding Machine 2 China
JINFA 700-D1 Overlock Sewing Machine 4 China
SHENJIANG SJ 1300AA-6 Ironing Table with Heating Function 12 China

Production Categories
Main Products Jacket, Pants, Vest, Shorts
Others Skirt, Blouse
Type of Material Micro fabric, PU Lamination, Denim, Cotton, Polyester, Poly amid.
Fabric of Origin Korea, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia, Germany, Vietnam
Sale Percentage/Country KOREA EU, US CHINA, JAPAN
  70 % 20% 10%
Sale Percentage/Category Men Ladies Children
  70% 20% 10%
Current Key Customers
Customer Name Country Major Product Major Branch Name
Won Jeon Corporation KOREA Jacket, Pants Beanpole, Hazzys, CJ, Hazzys, Henry Cotton, Galaxy, Logadis, Carte Blanche, Olzen, North Cape, Converse …
Great KOREA Men’s Jacket Fubu, LG
J-Land KOREA Jacket SAM, GUESS,.., Tommy Hilfiger
Intermax KOREA Pants, Shorts, Jacket Geox
JONE-GM KOREA Jacket, Pants Mind Bridge, I’m Davide, …
Hang Sung KOREA Jacket, Pants Giordano
JP Corporation KOREA Jacket, Pants Guess
Eighty Seven KOREA Jacket, Pants Fasco
Beseto KOREA Jacket, Pants Beseto, Maven, Misung, …
S&S KOREA Jacket, Pants All for you, Pierre Cardin, Trad Club, Modus Vivandi, …
Wal-mart, Sam’s U.S Jacket TASSO
Target U.S Pants, Shorts, Jacket Cherokee
Oktava U.S Pants Chico’s
Ospig-Ospinter Germany Jacket, Pants MAC, C&A, P&C Redpoint, S4, Nagano, Adler, Quelle, Woolworth

Company complies with all applicable law, rules and regulations on working time, over time, minimum wages.
Company complies with local regulation on working condition, fire safety, health care.
Company has been improving continuously our main targets such as management system, compensation, bonus, working condition, health care, safety, training programs, environment ... as well as the quality of product.
  1. Wages & Working Hour:
  • Working day per week: 6 days.
  • Regular working hour: 8 hours/day, 48 hours/week
  • Overtime: not exceed 4 hours/day, 200 hours/year. The workers have right to refuse to work overtime. If they wish to work overtime, they are requested to register to the supervisor, the final decision must be approved by director.
  • Break time for lunch: 02 hours.
  • Minimum wage: 3,100,000 VND/person/month (about 138 USD)
  • Overtime wage: 150% for regular working days, 200% for Sunday, holidays.
  1. Health, Safety and Welfare
All workers are provided uniform, protective equipments. Company supplies fully and completely fresh water, toilets to workers. All working sections included storages are equip good lighting, ventilating, first-aid box, exit routes, exit doors are always unlocked. Emergency and warning signs are ported clearly and visible to all workers.
The medical staff are responsible for initial treatment. Board of Management contribute to medical insurance 24/24, accident insurance and social insurance for workers.
The workers have right to establish and joint organizations of their own choosing as well as collective bargaining agreement. The Labor Union. Women’s Association, ... are recognized in the company.
Fire safety
  • Fire team: 36 peoples
  • No of Fire Extinguishers: 30 pcs
  • Early warning system in case of emergency: Yes
  • No of Exit Door: 11
  • Regular fire safety training for worker: Yes
  1. Quality Inspection System:
Company ensures that 100% finished garment in good quality before shipment. The inspection starts as soon as materials arrive in the warehouse of the company, materials must be inspected before cutting. The in-line QC and final inspections QC are responsible to inspect 100% the garments.
Pre-shipment inspection is carried out with a rate of 25% (includes checking carton contents, printing on box and poly bag...)
After each inspection process, the inspectors have to make records and these will be sent to related parties and Production manager.
  1. Metal Replacement Policy:
All broken parts of needle or metal items must be collected and taped on Broken Needle Record Books. This will be retained by the supervisors.

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